Half-Assed Online Privacy is Pointless

May 21, 2012 · 2 comments

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Obfuscation on social networks seems pointless to me.

When you friend request me on Facebook, but don’t have a profile picture, real name (or English name), nor any personal details; how am I supposed to know who you are? Sometimes I can guess based on mutual friends, but that only works like 6% of the time. And I admit: I have some Facebook friends whose real identity is a mystery to me.*

* “Why’d you accept those friend requests?” you may ask. Yeah, good question. Probably says something about my need to not offend.

Obfuscation on Facebook defeats the purpose of joining Facebook. It results in the worst of both worlds: the machine can still track and analyze your every posting, but your real world friends won’t know who you are.  I say, fully participate or don’t bother.

Kinda related rant: There’s no real privacy online. I welcome the maturation of behavioral tracking. I look forward to the day ads are always relevant; becoming content I cared about, instead of intrusions that annoy me. It would make my web surfing a lot more convenient. (And if I didn’t want that convenience, that’s what Chrome’s porn incognito mode is for.)

  • Jason

    Word Greg. Word.

  • Guest

    Totally agree Greg. Nice post.

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