Neuromancer — Dated and Kinda Boring

November 15, 2009 · 0 comments

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I just finished reading William Gibson’s Neuromancer.  I was in a scifi mood while looking to add a new novel to my Kindle for iPhone.  Since it’s such a classic, I thought I’d give Neuromancer a try.

I was not that entertained.  In fact, I was bored for most of it and it was a chore to get to the end.

I think if I read it in 1984 when it was first published, it would have been awesome.  But reading it after his revolutionary ideas have become so commonplace (eg., The Matrix), it wasn’t that exciting.

This criticism of Neuromancer is unfair, I know.  It was so ahead of its time that I can only imagine the thrill the reader would have felt reading it in the 80′s.  But reading it for the first time 25 years after it was published, and expecting it to entertain me as a scifi/cyberpunk story, it didn’t live up to my (unrealistic) expectations.

I’m not saying that Gibson isn’t a talented storyteller.  About a year ago, I read Pattern Recognition.  It was my first Gibson book. I picked it up on a whim at an airport bookstore. It’s a novel about advertising/marketing with a scifi/action/adventure twist published this decade.  That was a very entertaining read that I finished in two sittings.

I think I’ll give his latest, Spook Country, a read so my William Gibson experience doesn’t end on a down note. (BTW, the hardcover version of Spook Country is only $2.72 right now on Amazon.)

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