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October 2009

I’m looking forward to the start of the NBA season tonight.  The Lakers are the one sports team that I’m not a fairweather fan of.  Probably has to do with attending games at the Great Western Forum when I was a kid and growing up with them. It’s nice that the Lakers are so strong [...]

There were so many things right with the U2 live webcast on YouTube tonight that I have hope for the world again.  If you didn’t get a chance to see the webcast, click on the screenshot over there on the right — it’s been annotated with the things that struck me. Some thoughts: 1. How [...]

I’m a fan of the Bravo show Top Chef. Just discovered that head judge Tom Colicchio has a blog about the show and posts after each episode. To my surprise and delight, his posts are authentic and insightful, giving us fans something to tie us over until the next episode. Great job Bravo for the [...]

I don’t understand this revamping of the search UI by Yahoo.  I’m pretty ambivalent on whether their selling out to Microsoft is a good or bad thing. Yeah, it sucks that the search space is down to two players, but whatever. Yahoo’s never been that great at the engineering side of things.  They are, however, [...]